Popular Beaches

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Sri Lanka is very famous for its beaches. The entire tropical island nation is surrounded by blue crystal clear ocean creating beautiful and tranquil golden sandy beaches.

Struggling to choose between them? Here’s a brief overview of the country’s most famous beaches. One essential experience in Sri Lanka is to spend some time just lazing on a beautiful beach.


This coastal town is a few kilometers from Colombo. It is the hometown of many Muslims in Sri Lanka. Beruwala is famous for its amazing sunny climate and variety of water sports. The people of this little town have made fishing and gem trade their primary livelihoods.

It is believed that the first Arab traders who came to Sri Lanka in 1024 are said to have settled down in Beruwala and this is why the majority of this town are Muslims. The Arab traders built the famous grand mosque known as the Kechimalai Mosque and this mosque is said to be the oldest mosque in Sri Lanka. During the festival of Eid, there are many celebrations that take place in this mosque.

The most significant attraction of this town is its golden sandy beaches and blue waters. The blue waters are always buzzing with fishermen who take their colourful boats out to sea at night. The waters are also great for many sports activities such as wind surfing, water skiing, parasailing and even diving.


Bentota is a sunny peaceful town not far from Colombo that is also quite famous for its beautiful stretches of golden sandy beaches. Bentota definitely has some of the best beaches in Sri Lanka and is very popular for Water sports and activities and is pursued by main water sports enthusiasts and tourists who visit the island. Bentota is also famous for its Lagoon where you can take fun boat rides on.


Hikkaduwa is one of the beaches that have grown more popular in the recent past in Sri Lanka. Tourists and locals both go here to have some fun. Hikkaduwa is famous for its nightlife and parties as well. Accommodation is reasonable and the waves in Hikkaduwa are great for surfing.


Unawatuna is a colourful town that is now a famous tourist destination. Some people even consider the Unawatuna beach the best beach in Asia. This town was once occupied by the Dutch who fought for Galle in 1640, and they built houses for their officers in Unawatuna at that time. These houses are still standing today and can be viewed by all who visit.


Kalpitiya is Sri Lanka’s most sought-after Sri Lankan destinations for it beautiful beaches. But most importantly it is famous for dolphin watching and this factor has attracted many locals and tourists to its beaches. Kalpitiya is full of luxurious hotels and resorts that are bound to make your holiday even more spectacular. The Puttalam lagoon also borders this village making it rich in biodiversity.

Mount Lavinia

Although Mount Lavinia is in the city and is mainly a residential area, it is also famous for its beautiful sandy beaches and delicious cuisine. Locals and tourists usually go here to witness the beautiful sunsets and also to take a dip in its enchanting waters.

Mount Lavinia is lined with many exquisite hotels, restaurants – that serve the best quality seafood dishes – and even pubs and bars. It is the perfect get-away place if you want to escape the busy life of the Colombo city, as it is only a short drive from Colombo. Many shops such as art and crafts, batiks and jewelry line the road to this city.

This town gets its name from the iconic Mount Lavinia Hotel which was built 200 years ago by Sir Thomas Maitland – who was the governor of Sri Lanka (Ceylon at the time), he was said to have fallen in love with a Sri Lankan dancer named Lavinia with whom he had many secret and romantic meet ups. Today the hotel is known for its romantic setting and phenomenal view.

Arugam Bay

Arugambay is located on the East coast of Sri Lanka and has become one of the coolest spots for backpackers and globe trotters who are enchanted by it huge waves that are perfect for surfing.


Pasikuda is located about 35 km North-West of the Batticaloa town. It is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches and crystal blue waters. It’s also known for its shallow waters and is the perfect location for sunbathing and shallow swimming.
This town was not open to the public till recently – after the end of the civil war in Sri Lanka. This town was mostly destroyed after the devastating 2004 Tsunami that hit the whole of South Asia, but they have now rebuilt most of it and it has now become a hotspot for tourists who visit the Island. The town is filled with many luxury resorts and boutique hotels that offer guests mesmerizing views of the area.


Trincomalee is located on the east course of Sri Lanka and is known for its picturesque beauty and famous natural harbor. Trincomalee has attracted many tourists from all over the world and remains one of the island’s most popular beaches.

It is located about 257 km from Colombo and is popular for its beautiful white sandy beaches and turquoise blue waters. This town holds one of the most ancient temples in Sri Lanka called the Koneshwaran temple, which was built in the3rd century B.C. Other famous attractions include the Fort Frederick (1623) and Lover’s Leap. This enchanting city gets its name from its Tamil name Thirikunonamalai – thirikona (triangle) and malai (hill or rock).

This city was once ruled by royal kings of South Indian origin, but later was dominated by the Dutch and Portuguese thereafter. The Dutch settlers contributed a lot to its current urbanization.

Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island is located just a kilometer from the Nilaweli beach in Trincomalee. It was given its name after the endemic blue rock pigeons that live on this island. It was more of an isolated location during the time that the British ruled Sri Lanka as they used this island to practice their shooting. However, the island today is always filled with tourists who wish to go under water diving and snorkeling.

It is most famous for its underwater sea life and exquisite coral reefs. Pigeon Island was declared as a sanctuary in 1963 by The Department of Wildlife and Conservation, and in 2003, they renamed it as a national park.


Pottuvil is a quiet town located in the Ampara district – close to Arugam Bay. It is a popular holiday destination which is also very famous for surfing.