Things To Do In Sri Lanka



Things To Do In Sri Lanka

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Ayuruveda & Wellness Spa

Ayuruveda is believed to be one of the most ancient forms of healing sciences by many scholars round the globe. It is a natural healing therapy practiced by both India and Sri Lanka for over 5000 years and has only now become popular with the western countries. The term ‘Ayuruweda’ is derived from the Sanskrit words ‘Ayu’ which means ‘life’ or ‘lifespan’ and ‘veda’ which means ‘knowledge’. In this context, the combined term ‘Ayuruveda’ deals with a more holistic approach to healing, encouraging people to maintain a balance in their bodies, minds and conscience through herbal remedies and proper eating and drinking habits. They also encourage people to alter their life style a bit in order to maintain this well balanced life.

Elephant back Safari

If you love wildlife safaris and elephants, then you will love Sri Lanka! There are many places in Sri Lanka that offer tourists elephant back safaris, Wasgamuwa, Yala. Gal Oya & Dambulla are some of them. This experience is one that you will cherish forever. The feeling of being on top of an elephant and exploring nature with them is something truly remarkable. You will not only get to ride them, but you will get to feed and bathe them in nearby rivers as well. Being so close to this magnificent animal will definitely be the most memorable part of your trip to Sri Lanka.

Turtle Watching (Sea Turtle Conservation)

Kosgoda is most famous for its Turtle hatchery and conservation project that is run by the Wild Life Protection Committee in Sri Lanka. This project was established in 1988 to prevent Sri Lankan turtles from becoming extinct. This place pays fishermen who find turtle eggs on the shores of the Kosgoda beach, as some turtles lay eggs on the beach leaving them unprotected from harms-way. The fishermen collect them and bring them to the hatchery. These eggs are then covered in sand and once they are hatched, the baby turtles are released to the sea 50 days later. The hatchery has released over 3.5 million baby turtles as of now. It is believed that only 1 in a 1000 baby turtles survive to full maturity. They also have a special section for endangered and disabled turtles that can’t survive in the wild.

Whale & Dolphin Watching

Sri Lanka is one of the most famous destinations for whale and dolphin watching. The warm tropical oceans of Sri Lanka contribute to the large number of whales and dolphins that can be seen. Beleen whales and Toothes whales are some of the most seen whales in our oceans. The fact that Sri Lanka has 105 rivers providing a steady flow of water into the oceans and the up-welling during the monsoon periods in the country create the ideal habitat for these beautiful giant creatures to survive.

Water Sports

Sri Lanka has been blessed with beautiful golden sandy beaches and this means that we have an array of water sport that has been around since the 60’s. Tourists from all over the world visit Sri Lanka for the amazing water sports available in the country. The southern and eastern coasts are most famous for surfing where as other places such as Bentota, Hikkaduwa, Arugambay, Unawatuna, Ahangama, Mirissa, Weligama and Yala are less busy areas for other kinds of water sports in Sri Lanka.

Wildlife Safaris

Sri Lanka is one of the best places to visit for amazing wildlife safaris. The jungles are always full of leopards and wild elephants, and there is also a famous elephant orphanage in Pinnawala as well.

Bird Watching

Sri Lanka is one of the best countries for bird-watching. The country itself is a ‘bird’s paradise’ because of its warm and tropical climate, making it a classic bird-watching destination in Asia. There are many species of birds ranging from delicate Bee eaters and colourful kingfishers to majestic water birds and beautiful proud peacocks. Out of the 450 odd species of birds, about 250 of them are resident birds and about 33 are endemic.

Hot Air Balloon

Imagine sailing through the air with the wind blowing against your face.. hot air ballooning has become a growing activity amongst many locals and tourists as well. This can be done with either a loved one – as it provides the most romantic setting – or you could even treat your whole family to this expedition as well. Take a hot air balloon and sail across the skies giving you the most amazing bird eyes view of the entire country from up in the air.


Sri Lanka is a paradise for people who love trekking. It’s filled with lush green forests, tea plantations, beautiful cascading waterfalls and winding valleys that are all perfect for those who wish to go trekking. Some of the most famous places in Sri Lanka for trekking are Sripada (Adam`s Peak), Piduruthalagala, Horton Plains, Hunnasgiriya, Namunukula, Kottapitiya, Knuckles range and many more.

White Water Rafting

Rafting or white water rafting is usually done on an inflatable raft on gushing bodies of water and is considered to be an extreme sport as it can be a little dangerous. White water rafting is a leisure sport that became quite popular in Sri Lanka in the 1970’s era. It is mostly done in a place called Kitulgala on the beautiful gushing Kelani River. This is also the place that this sport was originated from. Kitulgala is located 80km east of Colombo. The best time of year to go white water rafting would be between May-December.

Moonstone mines

Sri Lanka is known for its gems. One of these gems would be the famous Moonstones. There is a place in Sri Lanka called Meetiyagoda where Moonstones are harvested daily. If you visit this place, you will witness the miners going down a 10meter deep shaft on a frame created of sturdy coconut wood. A special machine pumps out water, creating the perfect setting for the moonstones to be removed by hand. The buckets of soil that are extracted by these miners usually contain about 50-100 rough moonstones on a daily basis. Although not all of them are of merchantable quality, small portions of it are cut and polished by industrial merchants and created into beautiful pieces of jewelry that are usually displayed in the sales room in this compound, along with other priceless gems such as topaz, garnets, tiger eye and transparent gems.

Cycling in Sri Lanka

Use a cycle as your mode of transport and get a chance to explore the country from a different point of view. Sri Lanka has three or four major cycling trails that will provide you with the best views of the country from different aspects.


Sri Lanka is one of the most renowned countries for golfing. Sri Lanka has 3 main golf courses – Colombo (at sea level), Digana (600m above sea level) and finally – in Nuwara Eliya (2070m above sea level). Playing on these 3 gold courses would feel like you are playing in 3 different countries due to these different altitudes.

Shopping & Entertainment

Colombo is quite the entertainment hub for most tourists and locals. It not only has a good night life, like clubs and bars but it also has other entertaining places such as the Galle Face Green that is filled with street vendors that sell the most delicious frozen desserts and sweets. You will also find an array of people flying colourful kites on their days off as Galle face is facing the sea and is always so windy.

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